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RWU Law 20th-anniversary


RWU Law 20th-anniversary

Boston Alumni Networking Reception
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm
The Liberty Hotel, 215 Charles Street, Boston, MA
RWU School of Law Commencement
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Bristol, Rhode Island
Law Alumni Association Annual Breakfast Meeting
7:45 am - 9:15 am
Rhode Island Convention Center, Providence

20th Anniversary Messages

It’s RWU Law’s 20th Anniversary!

You’re invited to join us in our year-long celebration, as we look back – proudly – on a legacy of Fulfilling the Promise through outstanding scholarship, accomplished alumni and profound impact on legal culture and communities in need throughout the state and region.

Join in the celebration by sharing a personal anniversary message with fellow alumni. To send us your favorite RWU Law memory or a “shout-out” to a special faculty member or classmate visit and we will add it to the below list of special RWU Law 20th Anniversary messages.

Thanks for the memories and we hope to see you at one of our many planned events!

20th Anniversary Messages:

Robert Humm '08: I have a lot of special memories from RWU Law.  What made RWU Law special to me was the amazing people at the school.  Many of my closest friendships today began during law school.  For example, I was fortunate enough to form lasting friendships by representing the school as part of the inaugural Mighty Quahogs softball team.  Most importantly, if not for RWU Law, I would not have met my best friend and amazing wife, Kara.  (And, if not for RWU Law, we would not have our beautiful daughter!)  I hope RWU Law continues to be a special place for the next 20 years - and more.

Kara Humm '08: It is difficult to imagine what my life would be like today, if I had not enrolled in Roger Williams School of Law.  I thought I was going to law school, while in reality, my future began after I stepped through the door.  Not only did I end up with a law school degree, I found my dream job, amazing friends, my husband, and now we have a precious little baby (oh and dog)!

Kim Ahern '09: I came to RWU Law expecting to get a great education (which I did) - what I didn't expect was to meet some of the best friends anyone could ever ask for. Almost 7 years have gone by since we first met and those friends have been with me in good times and bad, and we've experienced so many of life's exciting events together - from weddings to new houses and jobs. I'm thankful to RWU Law for a fantastic legal education but also for the lasting friendships I made there.

Stephen P. Maguire '96: 20 years?! Are you kidding me? It was 20 years ago that my classmates and I, and full contingent in the evening division, arrived on the RWU campus. The building wasn’t even complete, but there were students and a small but great faculty that worked around chaos as the workers eventually put the finishing touches on the building.
A few months later we watched from the library windows as an army of workers rolled out a blanket of beautiful green sod and planted a bunch of saplings, giving the illusion that the school had been there longer than it was. The law school, like the new grass and the trees, was soon firmly rooted, growing stronger, and branching out.
The Law School has shaped my life like no other part of my education. It has defined who I am now, a lawyer. I have stayed connected through the years because I am proud to see how it has grown, I am proud to know the people who have made it grow, and I am proud to say I was there when it started.
I hope to see many of my classmates at the 20th Anniversary Celebration later this month.

Nicole J. (Dulude) Benjamin '06: As RWU Law celebrates its 20th Anniversary, there is so much for which I am grateful.  When I arrived on campus in August 2003, the energy and enthusiasm was contagious.  From Dean Logan to the law school's faculty and staff, everyone there believed in us.  Over the course of the three years that followed, the Class of 2006 (the best class ever) developed friendships that would last a lifetime.  We received an exceptional education, were afforded tremendous opportunities and benefited from the bench and bar's frequent presence on campus.
My fondest memories include the opportunity to have argued in the Clark Competition before the Rhode Island Supreme Court, a trip to U.S. Supreme Court to meet Justice O'Connor and being taught Civil Procedure by the legendary Professor Robert B. Kent.
Thank you, RWU Law.  You have made a tremendous difference in my life.

Timothy Grimes '12: Congratulations to a school that has accomplished so much in just 20 short years with so much more to come.

James Bagley '12: Running with Lawless, Vennel-O'Rourke and Rhodes, basketball Fridays, Selig dressed up like P. Zlotnick, the softball team that all became friends.  Good memories!

Jillian Jagling '09: Way to go RWU Law!

Amy Goins '12: Going to RWU Law was one of the best decisions I ever made. After having such a great undergrad experience, I didn't think law school could measure up, but RWU exceeded my expectations in every way. I had outstanding professors who challenged me and taught me how to think like a lawyer, classmates who inspired me and made me laugh, and many opportunities to build connections and apply my skills. The best part about law school? Meeting my husband, Peter Skwirz, in Section C.

Jackie Rolleri '11: Happy 20th Birthday, RWU Law!  I have great memories from my law school experience and definitely miss spending time with my classmates and all of the wonderful professors and faculty!  I'm looking forward to celebrating and visiting with everyone during Alumni Weekend!

Laura Frechette '04: Happy 20th Anniversary!  I LOVED working in the law library where I met some of the most amazing researchers and faculty.  The best part is after graduating almost 10 years ago these amazing women will STILL offer assistance to me. They truly made my experience at RWU Law a memorable one!  Thank you Thelma, Nan, Emily, Lucinda, Phylis and Richard!

Jamie (Johnson) Bachant '12: I will forever miss law school and the people I shared it with.  Class of 2012, you're all a part of me and the person I strive to be.  I am so grateful.  I still think of Section C and smile from ear to ear.  We seriously had a lot of fun in those classes!  Thanks for the memories.

Mariana Ormonde '12: Thank you to Professor Rindsberg, whose persistence, interesting pet names, and over abundance of green ink made for an unforgettable first year of law school!

Karen D. Jones '08: Jo, Meg & S...From where we've come to where we are glad y'all are with me for the journey! Lisa - Look forward to raising J & L together.

Jerry Ims '93, L'98: Hoping all '98 grads are happy, healthy and being blessed in their righteous pursuits. Especially fond memories of dinners with Professor Gary Bahr & his wife Anita and dinner with Professor Esther Clark.

Rose Sagan '97: Dean Logan is the best!

Sally McDonald '09: I am so thankful for RWU Law. Congratulations to everyone who has played a part in making it the wonderful institution that it is.  I want to give a special shoutout to Dean Bastone in Colorado who we miss very much, and Dean Logan who has been an amazing mentor and friend. Thanks for everything. :)

Rene G. Brown '01: I entered law school hell bent on becoming a criminal prosecutor. I wanted to prosecute criminal cases as zealously as I could imagine until I ended up in Professor Ritchie's criminal law classes. His passion for criminal defense, his ability to engage me in heated arguments, his experience as a criminal defense attorney CONVINCED me that I had a calling - and it wasn't for prosecution!!  I knew where my calling was - criminal defense! Today, I am a successful (by Prof. Ritchie's standards I'm sure) criminal defense attorney whose practice is primarily representing our most indigent population. My sincere thanks to Professor Ritchie!

Betty Anne Waters '98: Thanks for the memories - looking forward to many more.

Christa M. Harris '13: Never give up. When one door closes, another door opens. Roger Williams will always be your family, your home, your friend.

Steve Bernardo '98: So amazing the law school beat the odds by overcoming all the obstacles, and turning early critics into true believers. 
Its impact on the State is clearly a game-changer. "There is no education like adversity" (Benjamin Disraeli)

Margareta Vellucci '07: Happy 20th Anniversary RWUSOL! Thank you for a great legal education, good memories, and lifelong friends!

Suraj "Raj" Batheja '07: Happy 20th RWUSOL!!!  So great to track all the accomplishments of our graduating classes and the school.  For a student like myself who needed extra attention and more hands help to prepare for exams RWU's atmosphere was the right choice.  The small class setting provided more access to professors and fellow students and classmates always provided a helping hand when needed. I highly recommend the program to all who apply.

Lindsay Vick '12: I have such fond memories of RWU Law. Thank you so much to everyone there for all that you have done and all that you continue to do.

Robert Pirri '97: In theory, 20 years is a long time.  In reality, it was a minute ago!  I still see the faces of fellow risk-takers - those of us who put our utmost trust in Tony Santoro and he DELIVERED!  Accreditation in record time.  My undying gratitude to him and the flagship faculty and staff!

Colleen P. Murphy (faculty): Remembering, with great fondness, Cynthia Spencer and Andrew Marsh.

Ana Cunha (Law Library): To the Roger Williams University School of Law - Congratulations on a 20 year Anniversary. It's a great place to work & a great school to attend. These students are very lucky to learn in a great school with wonderful people.

Adam Resmini '09: To the faculty and staff of RWU Law: Thank you all for leading by example and fostering/demanding excellence from your students and alumni. RWU Law makes the legal community that much stronger.

Rene G. Brown '01: Big high five to my bar exam study buddies! Kevin Hagan, Erin Naylor, & Meredith Rainey! WE DID IT!! The four of us, probably voted most likely to "maybe" pass, studied every day, for 2 months - of course joking & laughing & making too much noise! All of us passed enjoying ourselves & still wondering how did we pull that off?!

Matthew Pimentel '13: I want to thank Professor Jane Rindsberg for everything. I honestly would not be here I am today without her.