The only law school in Rhode Island, Roger Williams University School of Law offers future attorneys a rigorous, hands-on legal education in a supportive, personalized environment. Moving forward, it will continue to:

  • elevate and shape legal debate and dialogue throughout the state and region, providing bench, bar and public with a unique and vital source of independent legal opinion, analysis and expertise;
  • reflect its reputation as an established regional institution, widely respected for its faculty, programs and graduates. 
  • offer its students a high-quality, practical and marketable legal education, and provide their potential clients and employers “practice-ready” lawyers, primed to make a positive impact in the organizations and communities they serve;  
  • play an indispensable role in providing, through its hands-on clinical offerings, legal advocacy and representation for the community’s most needy, many of whom would go unrepresented without the law school; and
  • serve as an innovative institution that students, prospective students, alumni, parents, the bench and bar, and the regional community at large can turn to, rely upon and be proud of.