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Fast Facts

Our Pro Bono Collaborative mobilizes Rhode Island law firms, law students and community organizations to provide desperately needed legal assistance for the underserved residents of the state.  The unique program includes 10 major law firms, over 20 community-based organizations and several dozen law students.

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Mission and Goals

The mission of the School of Law is to promote justice and the rule of law through education, scholarship, and service.

In furtherance of its mission, the School of Law seeks to:

  • Provide an excellent legal eduction to men and women who aspire to the practice of law or to other occupations in which both they and society-at-large will benefit from their understanding of and dedication to the law.  An excellent legal education teaches not only legal doctrine, policy, history and theory, but also how to think critically about justice and the law.
  • Make meaningful contributions to legal scholarship.  Meaningful contributions are those that provide original analysis, insights, or information to those who are interested in justice and the law, including lawyers, judges, legislators, policy-makers, scholars, journalists, and the public-at-large.
  • Provide service to the legal profession and the wider community in ways that advance justice and the rule of law.