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Fast Facts

RWU Law is the only Sea Grant Legal Program north of the Mason-Dixon Line and only one of 4 in the country.

First Impressions

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Prospective Students

CEDCWhat can students expect from the clinic?

Students can expect to gain actual lawyering skills that will help them more easily transition from law school to practice including interviewing, counseling, and navigating ethics and professional responsibility issues.

Those enrolled in the clinic will work on a range of projects for organizational clients such as determining the best legal entity choice that fits the clients’ needs, assisting with the drafting and filing of organizational and governance documents, working on intellectual property issues, creating agreements, leases and other contracts.

How are students selected for the clinic?

Priority will be given to students entering their final year of law school. Students who demonstrate experience in or commitment to work in the area of non-profit or business organizations may be considered if all other factors are equal. Prerequisite Course: Business Organizations.

How do I apply?

The Feinstein Center for Pro Bono & Experiential Education coordinates the application process for all clinics and externships. Applications for enrolling in the spring semester typically go out in Sept/Oct of the previous year. For the fall semester, applications are available in March/April, before the registration for other classes begins. Students will be required to submit a resume and statement of interest.