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RWU Law is the only Sea Grant Legal Program north of the Mason-Dixon Line and only one of 4 in the country.

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Selected Client Profiles

Sol Chariots Pedicab Cooperative is a pedicab cooperative based in Providence that is pedaling towards a more socially responsible future for businesses in Rhode Island. Pedicabs are bicycle taxis that provide local transportation and tours. Founders Ashley and Ally Trull are committed to fostering a democratic workplace, and Sol Chariots is a worker-owned and operated company. The CEDC is helping Sol Chariots navigate the formal process of forming a limited liability copmany and create governance documents that reflects their desire for a cooperative workplace -- one where every member has a voice.

STEAM Box is a nonprofit corporation based in Providence, Rhode Island, that is working to educate students of all ages by listening to the needs of students and providing after-school programs. The CEDC is assisting the founder and director, Roberto Gonzalez, in drafting by-laws and obtaining federal tax exempt status for the organization.

Urban Greens is a consumer-owned cooperative that fosters sustainability in the community by bridging the gap between local food and the local community. It is workign towards opening a full-scale retail grocery store on the West Side of Providence. Urban Greens is at a pivotal point in its existence with membership quickly on the rise. To ensure that membership demands are met, the CED Clinic is helping Urban Greens manage its growth by reviewing and suggesting amendments to its bylaws.