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Fast Facts

RWU Law students have come from almost every state, hundreds of undergraduate institutions, and nations as diverse as Canada, China, Guatemala, India, Ireland, Liberia, Russia, South Korea and Zimbabwe.

First Impressions

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Tuition and Fees

2014-2015 Academic Year

New Incoming Class Fall 2014

$16,896/semester ($33,792 for fall and spring tuition) 

This rate applies for students enrolled in 12-18 credits during Fall and Spring semesters.  Students enrolling in fewer than 12 credits will be charged on a per credit basis at $1126 per credit.  This tuition rate is frozen at the 2014/2015 rate for three years of continuous full time enrollment.

Returning students

All returning students have the option of electing the alternative tuition rate (Option B) instead of the returning rate (Option A).  Students are encouraged to consult with the Financial Aid Office to discuss the available options.

  • Option A: $1,380/credit hour ($41,400 for 30 credits)

This is the established, default per credit tuition rate for returning students.  The rate will be frozen at the 2013-2014 tuition rate.  All students remaining with Option A will continue to receive their previously awarded scholarships in accordance with their scholarship award letters.   

  • Option B: $1,126.40/credit hour ($33,792 for 30 credits)

All returning students have the option of electing the alternative tuition rate (Option B) instead of the returning rate, but in doing so agree to forfeit any scholarship awards. 


Student fee                                                         $190/semester

Recreation Center Fee                                       $175/semester

Graduation Fee                                                    $250/one time charge (Fall of graduation year)

Accident and Health Insurance (Optional)           $1189/per year

Parking Permit                                                     $160/year

Services Fees

Official Transcript                                                 $5 per copy

Transfer Package                                                 $30 per package

Late Payment fee                                                 $270

Return Check Fee                                                $30 each occurrence

Lost Key Charge                                                  $25 per key

Student ID Replacement                                      $25

In January 2014, RWU Law unveiled its Affordable Excellence initiative which will reduce tuition by nearly 18 percent to $33,792 for incoming students beginning with the 2014-2015 academic year.  This tuition rate will be guaranteed, which means that tuition will be frozen for up to three years for all students who remain continuously enrolled full time.