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RWU Law has 2,800 alumni working across the United States and beyond!

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Tuition and Fees


New Incoming Class Fall 2016 (1L) and Returning Students

$16,896/semester for 12-18 credits ($33,792 for fall and spring tuition)   

This tuition rate is frozen at the 2014-2015 rate for three years of continuous, full-time enrollment.

Students enrolling in fewer than 12 credits will be charged on a per credit basis at $1,126 per credit.

Students Enrolling Prior to Fall 2014

$1,380/credit hour

This rate is frozen at the 2013-2014 tuition rate.  Student enrolling prior to Fall 2014 may have elected the alternate Affordable Excellence tuition rate of $1,126/credit.  Students who elected the alternative Affordable Excellence tuition rate forfeited previously awarded scholarships.



Student Fees


Parking Permit


Accident and Health Insurance                      


Health Services Fee (Optional)                      



Service Fees 

Official Transcript

$5 per copy

Transfer Package

$30 per Package

Late Payment fee


Return Check Fee


$30 Each Occurence

Lost Key Charge


$25 per Key

Student ID Replacement




*All Fall 2016 incoming law students must be covered by an adequate health insurance policy.  Those who are covered under an existing health insurance plan may waive the University sponsored student health insurance.  To waive, students are required to decline the University‚Äôs insurance plan and provide information on their existing plan by completing the form available at 

In January 2014, RWU School of Law unveiled its Affordable Excellence initiative which will reduce tuition by nearly 18 percent to $33,792 for incoming students beginning with the 2014-2015 academic year.  This tuition rate will be guaranteed, which means that tuition will be frozen for up to three years for all students who remain continuously enrolled full time.