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RWU Law is the only Sea Grant Legal Program north of the Mason-Dixon Line and only one of 4 in the country.

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Student Account Center (SAC)

RWU School of Law welcomes the new Student Account Center!


What is the Student Account Center (SAC)?

SAC is a one-stop, real time web page that presents comprehensive student account information. You can receive billing statements, view up-to-the-minute account activity, make payments, and enroll in an optional semester monthly payment plan.

For returning students and families, the new SAC replaces the existing eBill site.

How can students gain access?

New and returning students are automatically enrolled in SAC and will receive an email notification when their 1st statement and account access are available. Students can then register, login and share account access with family members.

After logging into the Student Account Center, the student will have access to a web page that will offer the following features:

  • Account Summary Data – Available 24/7 with real time updates, including financial aid.
  • Account Activity – Also available 24/7 with real time updates.
  • Statements – View billing statement.
  • View Available Payment Options - Enroll in a payment plan or make a one-time payment.
  • Ability to Share Account Access – Select “Manage Account Access” and share access with additional family members or other participants that are frequently critical partners in this process. An email with activation instructions will be sent to the invited participant.

To preview the Student Account Center view this YouTube video:

How can families and alternate payers gain access?

  1. Due to federal student privacy regulations (FERPA), initial access is granted only to students. Once logged in, students can select "Manage Account Access" and share access with family members or other participants. This includes users with a current eBill shared access account; they will need to be re-invited into the new Student Account Center.

Please note: Shared access for alternate payers is strongly suggested but not mandatory.

  1. If you are currently using a payment plan or would like to use a payment plan to help manage your student’s account, please encourage the student to use the "Manage Account Access" to provide you with access to the SAC.
  2. After you receive the secure email invitation from the student, use the information provided to complete your registration.
  3. A message box will be presented to link any existing payment plan accounts to the SAC if you have used a plan previously. You can do this by entering your 10 digit account number in the box provided.
  4. Once these steps are completed you can start to take advantage of the benefits of Roger Williams University Student Account Center.

SAC Login

Once you have been granted access to login, please click the appropriate link below:

**Students need to sign into the Student Account Center via the RWU Campus Portal. Once in the Portal follow the link for the Student Account Center (Law)

Student & Parent Access Information

RWU Law students can access the SAC with their University credentials by clicking the "GO" Button under the "Login with School Credentials" header in the top right corner of the page. Students can grant access to Parents / Authorized Users by selecting the "Manage Account Access" button within the Student Account Center and clicking the "Add" button. Parent/Authorized User Registration Instructions: Upon completing registration from their Student Account Center Invitation e-mail, Parents and Authorized Users may log in using the "Go" button under "Login with Student Account Center Credentials" header in the login section at the top, right hand corner of this page.


Billing FAQs:

  • Student Account Center (SAC) is RWU’s official method for sending student billing statements.
  • Roger Williams University does not mail paper billing statements. 
  • Statement notifications are sent via email approximately every 28 days.
  • For questions regarding SAC access, payments and pay plans, call TMS SAC  at 800-349-0208.
  • For questions regarding statements and account activity call the Bursar's Office at 401 254-4682.

Payment Due Dates:

Fall Semester: August 01

Spring Semester: January 02

Summer: May 15