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RWU Law is the only Sea Grant Legal Program north of the Mason-Dixon Line and only one of 4 in the country.

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RISD - RI School of Design

First Assignments

First year students will automatically be registered for fall classes.  Individual class schedules with section assignments (excluding Legal Practice sections) will be mailed starting in late July.  Legal Practice sections will be assigned on the first day of Orientation.

You will have reading assignments for the first class meetings in all of your courses.

**All Legal Practice sections will have the same first assignment.

Dear 1L, Attached is a PDF of the Legal Practice Binder 2016-17 through chapter 3, which includes the LP Binder reading for your Orientation class and your first LP class.  Unfortunately, the LP Binder itself will not be available for purchase, at the bookstore, until (about) August 17th.  We regret the inconvenience, but we are working closely with the publisher to get it into the bookstore as soon as possible.  Again, we look forward to seeing you next week!  Your LP professors.

**All Torts sections will have the same first assignment.