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RWU Law had an 86% pass rate for the 2012 Rhode Island bar exam for all first time test takers, 5% higher than the state average.

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Criminal Law (Sack)

Our first class will be Monday, August 18, from 9 am – 10:15 am in Room 286. The required text for the class is Kadish, Schulhofer, Steiker & Barkow, Criminal Law and its Processes (9th edition, 2012), which is available in the bookstore. It is important that you have this edition (the most recent edition) of the book, because there are substantial changes from earlier versions. For our first class meeting, please read and be prepared to discuss:

  • [Background: pp. 1 – 12 (through Note 6) and flow chart on p. 13; pp. 31 – 36 (through (d)); pp. 75 – 82]* 
  • pp. 82 – 96 (up until the Note on Criticisms . . . )

*Background readings are still required reading for which you are responsible, but we will not be discussing them in detail in class.

The full syllabus will be available on Bridges by early in the week of August 11. Please print out the syllabus and bring it with you to our first class, as I will be reviewing it then.