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RWU Law is one of only 5 law schools in the country that specializes in marine affairs. Of these schools, RWU Law is only one of 2 that specialize in admiralty and maritime law.

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Board of Directors

LAA Board of Directors Executive Committee

President - Jillian Jagling, Class of 2009
Vice President
- Kara Humm, Class of 2008
- Nicole Verdi, Class of 2014

2016/2017 Law Alumni Association Board of Directors
Effective July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017

  • Kim Ahern, Class of 2009, Immediate Past President
  • Jamie J. Bachant, Class of 2012
  • Donald Epifano, Class of 2009
  • Alexander Forostenko, Class of 2008
  • Amy Goins, Class of 2012
  • Timothy Grimes, Class of 2012 
  • Gregory Hoffman, Class of 2013
  • Kara A. Humm, Class of 2008, Vice President
  • Jillian Taylor Jagling, Class of 2009, President
  • Stephen Maguire, Class of 1996 
  • Thomas Pagliarini, Class of 2014
  • Adam Riser, Class of 2012
  • Joelle C. Rocha, Class of 2006
  • Jackie Rolleri, Class of 2011 
  • Nicole Verdi, Class of 2014, Secretary/Treasurer
  • William K. Wray Jr., Class of 2013

The Law Alumni Association Board of Directors meets three times yearly. All alumni are invited to attend meetings and/or join a committee. Meetings will be held from 6:00 - 7:30 p.m. at the Roger Williams University Providence Campus, One Empire Street, Providence.  A conference call capability will be set up for each meeting.