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RWU Law provides students a broad range of marine resource and maritime courses taught by full professors as well as expert practitioners.  The curriculum includes courses in admiralty, fisheries, piracy, ocean and coastal law, ocean policy, and climate change.

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Trinity Church in Spring

Board of Directors

2015/2016 LAA Board of Directors Executive Committee

President - Kim Ahern, Class of 2009
Vice President
- Stephen Maguire, Class of 1996
- James Bagley, Class of 2012

2015/2016 Law Alumni Association Board of Directors
Effective July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016

  • Kim Ahern, Class of 2009
  • Jamie J. Bachant, Class of 2012
  • James Bagley, Class of 2012
  • Donald Epifano, Class of 2009
  • Alexander Forostenko, Class of 2008
  • Amy Goins, Class of 2012
  • Timothy Grimes, Class of 2012 
  • Robert J. Humm, Class of 2008, Immediate Past President
  • Kara A. Humm, Class of 2008
  • Jillian Taylor Jagling, Class of 2009
  • Stephen Maguire, Class of 1996 
  • Mariana Ormonde, Class of 2012
  • Adam Riser, Class of 2012
  • Joelle C. Rocha, Class of 2006
  • Jackie Rolleri, Class of 2011 
  • Nicole Verdi, Class of 2014
  • William K. Wray Jr., Class of 2013

The Law Alumni Association Board of Directors meets three times yearly. All alumni are invited to attend meetings and/or join a committee. Meetings will be held from 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. at the Roger Williams University Providence Campus, One Empire Plaza, Providence.  A conference call capability will be set up for each meeting.