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David Logan served as Dean at Roger Williams School of Law from 2003 to 2014, making him one of the nation's longest-serving law deans. In 2014, he returned to full-time teaching and research.

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2L a Leader for Common Cause

Posted by David Logan on 11/08/2010 at 12:00 AM

RWU Law is proud of the accomplishments of the members of its community—whether faculty, alumni, or students.  The latest in this long and impressive line is 2L Amy Goins, recently elected to the Board of Directors of Common Cause of Rhode Island, the premiere good government organization in the Ocean State.  

photo of Amy Goins

Amy — a graduate of Brown University — has already established a stellar reputation inside the law school, and now will make a statewide impact.

Amy co-wrote on expungement of criminal records with Kristen Sherman from the leading firm of Adler Pollock & Sheehan.  Here are some thoughts from this talented two-L:

I aspire to a career in public service, and RWU Law has provided me with ample opportunities to network and gain experience in the field of public interest law. Through the Feinstein Institute for Legal Service, I've received funding for my summer internship with the Providence Law Department and become a student member of the Pro Bono Collaborative, working with local attorneys to provide legal services for the poor. As a member of the Association for Public Interest Law, I've traveled to New Orleans for Alternative Spring Break and made connections with other students who are dedicated to public service. Not quite halfway through my law school career, I couldn't be happier about my decision to attend RWU Law. My education has been top-notch, and my experience here has given me a strong foundation for a career in public service.