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Are You Guilty of Run-On Sentences?

Posted by on 01/24/2011 at 02:14 PM

"Do you perpetrate run-on sentences?"  This question begins a great entry in the legal writing blog of Professor Wayne Schiess.  The answer to the question?  "Probably not. And it’s not a crime. But perpetrating a run-on sentence sends a message about you: You’re less than fully literate or you don’t proofread well. In this post I’ll define terms, highlight types of run-ons, and offer suggestions for fixing them."

Run-on sentences are often construed to mean a wordy or overly lengthy sentence.  But a run-on is a very specific grammar error referring to a sentence with either incorrect punctuation, such as using a comma when a semicolon is needed, or with no punctuation when a period or semicolon is needed. 

For the entire discussion by Professor Schiess, go to: