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Art and Poetry, at a Law School?

Posted by David Logan on 10/21/2011 at 09:50 AM

Several years ago, I was surveying the boring, generic art that adorned the public spaces in much of the law school, and recognized that our second floor atrium could be a great place to display good art.  After talking with various folks, I decided to work out an arrangement with the Bristol Art Museum, which would provide 2-3 exhibits a year of local artists in an array of media. Now in year 4 of the arrangement, we are taking another innovative step, linking the work of a talented Rhode Island photographer, Seth Jacobson, with accompanying poems from our staff Writing Specialist, Kim Baker.  Below is press coverage of the unique collaboration, and then scroll down to see a selection of the photos and poems from the display.

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Art and Poetry Exhibit at Roger Williams Law School
by sethjphotography 
Photography and poetry meet in new exhibit.

BRISTOL — Two Rhode Island artists have launched an exhibit exploring the relationship between different art forms.

Dating to ancient Greece, “ekphrasis” is the practice of literary writing about visual art. In “Braving the Light: Rhode Island Portraits in Photography and Poetry,” poet Kim Baker imagines the story behind a selection of work by photographer Seth Jacobson — the secret lives of early morning passengers at Kingston Station; an unlikely love story set against the Pell Bridge in Newport; and what pebbles rolling in the surf on the Saunderstown shoreline tell us about the cosmos and ourselves.

The exhibit, sponsored by the Bristol Art Museum, is on display in the second floor atrium at the Roger Williams University School of Law through Jan. 9, 2012. The building is located at Ten Metacom Avenue.

A reception for the artists will be held Friday November 4th from 4:00 to 8:00 PM. The event is open to the public, and refreshments will be served.

Also on display are photographs from Jacobson’s Rhode Island Portrait Project, a series highlighting community-minded working professionals in southern Rhode Island.

For more information, contact Kim at kbaker@rwu.edu or Seth at sjacobsonphotography@gmail.com

About the Artists
When she isn’t teaching the virtues of the comma at Roger Williams University School of Law, writing poetry about big hair and Elvis, and doing the Cha-Cha, Kim Baker works to end violence against women. Her poems have been published online and in print and essays broadcast on National Public Radio, and she is currently working on a book of ekphrasis poems. She is the Writing Specialist at the law school.

Based in Saunderstown, Seth Jacobson is a professional wedding, portrait and bar/bat mitzvah photographer since 1999. Jacobson and his work have been featured in Rhode Island newspapers and other publications including TIME magazine. His volunteer work includes photography for The DMP Annual Thanksgiving Home Makeover in South County; The American Diabetes Association; The American Cancer Society; The Jimmy Fund, and Butler Hospital. He shares photography and lighting tips on his blog.

Braving the Light, Photograph by Seth Jacobson

Braving The Light

Braving the Light, Poem by Kim M. Baker
After Braving the Light, a Photograph by Seth Jacobson

Turn sideways into the light, as they say the old ones did,
and disappear into the originality of it all
.  David Whyte

Be brave.
Take a walk along the rock-strewn beach.
In the rain.
The pebbles will never be as treacherous
or as beautiful
as when they are wet.

Hold a few stones
in the deep place beneath your fingers
and above your palm:
orange and gray
egg speckled
and the one black as a whale’s back.

Then hold one to your nose
and smell time itself
for you are holding the cosmos
something primal and full of stories.
And now, you are a chapter too.

And when rock and sand and salt
take your breath away
and you have no idea
which way is home,
face the bay
where a single sunray
glazes the waves.

Then turn sideways into the light
as they say the old ones did
and disappear into the originality of it all

carrying with you time itself
and the satisfaction and contentment
only courage brings.

Midnight Delight, Photograph by Seth JacobsonMidnight Delight

Insomnia and Other Mysteries, Poem by Kim M. Baker
After Midnight Delight, Photograph by Seth Jacobson

Don a steel gray Fedora,
stash a pack of Camels,
and head to Kingston
where this historic train station
stakes its claim against
insomnia and other mysteries.

Everyone has a secret
in the middle of the night,
like when you spy some bub’s spouse
descend onto the platform halfway
between Beantown and the Big Apple.
The wife alights from a rail car
surrounded by Hollywood lollipops.
Looking for some midnight delight?
But those are just lanterns,
and she is no femme fatale following
her appetite for connubial truth.
Just a hungry dame
with a penchant for Rhode Island icons.
And grub.
Like a spiked Del’s Lemonade, hold the ice,
or a Spike’s hot dog all the way.

And you are no Guy Noir,
just a nice guy with a private eye,
Bogie wannabee who straps
on a camera, then heads to the tracks
to stalk a Phantom Lady
in The Naked City
when The Big Sleep alludes you.

Here are some photo's from the exhibit.

Seth Jacobson PhotographySeth Jacobson PhotographySeth Jacobson PhotographySeth Jacobson PhotographySeth Jacobson PhotographySeth Jacobson Photography
Seth Jacobson PhotographySeth Jacobson Photography