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My name is Hala Furst, and I am a 3L. Before coming to Roger Williams I received a BA in Theatre Arts at the University of Minnesota. In the three years between graduating from college and arriving here in Bristol, RI, I worked as a hotel concierge for a luxury brand, a loan officer and mortgage...

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Posted by Hala Furst on 02/19/2008 at 12:00 AM

I have literally no idea what the undergrads that live below me are doing right now. It sounds like a steel cage match in which one of the participants is a dead orangutan, and the other may or may not be a giant steamer trunk. They are making the walls shake, and I am beginning to fear the house might fall down around me- it is, after all, over two CENTURIES old. At least this isn’t as bad as the time I was awoken in the wee hours of the morning before my Torts final to hear Mariah Carrey’s rendition of “All I Want for Christmas is You” on repeat for at least and hour and a half, at a volume that Spinal Tap would refer to as “11”. It should be noted at this time that the entirety of the 47 or so undergrads that live below me are boys between the ages of 18-21, so what they were doing jamming out to the smooth R & B stylings of Mariah’s Christmas Album at three in the morning, I have no idea. Suffice it to say, do not live below, above, or in any way adjacent to undergrads. It’s not that I have anything against undergrads per se. I myself was once of that persuasion. I recognize that many of you are currently undergrads. But soon enough you will be law students, and if you can manage to study Estates in Land and Future Interests while listening to the not at all muffled play-by-play of the Beer Pong Olympics, than you are a better man than I, Charlie Brown.

Circumstances being what they are, I have had to find alternative study locations. Once such location is the Beehive, a local coffee shop a block away from my house. I can sit there and look out onto Narragansett Bay, and contemplate why the Feudal machinations of William the Conqueror still seem to have a stranglehold on property laws in this country. Or I can just chill out. Either way, it gives me an opportunity to catch up with the local happenings, and I like to be a part of Bristol as much as I can. It is important to me to participate in the community, because it really is quite special. It is straight out of a New England postcard, complete with Giant Bridge, Light House, Scenic Harbor, Old Timey Buildings, Bay with Sailboats, and Friendly Villagers. Heck, we even have Richard Gere filming a movie here now! (No joke, check it out at imdb.com) But it isn’t Disney Land, as a native Rhody friend of my would say, it’s a place where real people live their real lives, and it is to be respected, not just as a scenic backdrop for my student carousing. I try to visit local places as much as possible, and I even took a job as a waitress one night a week at a family owned restaurant I’m pretty sure has been around since the 50’s. The area is full of history and charm, and offers a nice break from the stress and tedium of law school.

One final note: Barrister’s Ball, aka Law Prom, was this last Saturday, and it was a riot. Everyone got dressed up and danced the night away. I would say more, but I think you’ll just have to experience it for yourself next year. Suffice it to say it was like regular prom, only you could drink legally, you had no curfew, and it included fun antics from your professors. So, better than regular prom!