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I'm not an honour student. I'm not on Law Review. I'm a regular joe schmoe. Well, I'm a regular law student, at least. I didn't graduate from high school. I spent five years at a community college. When I transferred to the University of California for undergrad, I majored in Philosophy, with a...

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Brown bag lunches

Posted by John Pell on 09/30/2010 at 04:44 PM

Actually, lunch was provided. One of the things I love about law school is actually not provided by the law school. It's the clubs. Specifically, the Federalist Society. This group puts on the best talks, often during the lunch hour, and often with Panera Bread providing sandwiches. So, lets recap: (1) great talks; (2) free lunch. Need I say more? Ok, I will. The talk I attended yesterday was on the role of international "law" and foreign laws in the interpretation of the US constitution. The talk itself was as good as could be expected for a 30 minute primer on a vast subject, but what really piqued my interest was some of the definitions the speaker gave us at the very beginning. It was the sort of thing that you can only get by showing up to these sorts of events. You can't get this from a book. It's the sort of thing that you get by going to office hours that you _just can't get_ in lecture. If the rest of the talk had been horrible, I would still be happy to have gone. Even if there was no food. Just a few sentences of insight. Great stuff.