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Off-campus Access to Law Library Databases!

Posted by Library Blog on 10/13/2011 at 11:54 AM

Using the Law Library databases from home is easy!  The key is to use the database list on the law library’s website, where the links have been proxied for off-campus use.  Bookmark the URL /library/research-resources/databases for the database list so that you will have it handy on your home computer.  Select the database of your choice (excluding LexisNexis and Westlaw, which require individual passwords).  At the prompt, type your name (e.g. Jane Smith) and the barcode number from the back of your law school ID. 

Note that the database links begin with http://0- and contain a string of characters that link to the law library’s proxy server.   That is why you must use the database list as a starting point from off-campus.  If you Google the database, you will not get the appropriate link for the Law Library’s databases and you will be denied access.

If the database requires a login and password, or if you receive an error message, email LawLibraryHelp@rwu.edu or call the Reference Desk at 401-254-4547 for assistance.