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My name is Regina Curran, and I'm 3L. Before coming to Roger Williams I received my BA in Sociology from Texas A&M University. I am originally from both Texas and Oklahoma. I took a short time off after undergrad to work odd jobs, but ultimately knew I was headed for law school. Having...

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A Capital Trip

Posted by Regina Curran on 04/03/2009 at 12:00 AM

This past weekend a group of 2L honors students had the opportunity to take a trip to Washington DC. As part of the US Supreme Court Cases class we attended arguments at the Supreme Court, met with Justice Alito and Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, and toured the Capital building. We prepared for the trip by reading the briefs for Travelers Indemnity Co. v. Bailey and then hearing about the finer points of this bankruptcy case from Professor Chung.

It was very interesting to see the Justices who’s opinions we have read listen and react to the arguments presented. It was also great to see the lawyers presenting their arguments. It certainly made the whole process seem more real and accessible. As if just seeing the arguments wasn’t enough getting to sit in a room with Justice Alito and ask him questions was an opportunity few get. He seemed very down to earth and accessible, I think if I ever found myself arguing in front of the Supremes the experience of meeting with him would help to lessen the anxiety a great deal. The next morning we met with Senator Whitehouse who was extremely personable. You could tell he loved his job and it was great to see his level of enthusiasm for the Senate and his constituents.

While both of those men were amazing and it was a rare and excellent opportunity to meet them, I had one more star sighting before I left that made the trip complete. I was meeting a friend in the Russell Senate Building for lunch and THE Josh Lyman (that’s actor Bradley Whitford, who played Josh in West Wing) was in the building. I think many prospective law students share the love for West Wing that my friends and I do, so you can understand my excitement.  Getting back to the point, the trip to DC was a great opportunity that I think few law school classes outside the DC area get. Seeing the whole process in action is something that will definitely impact my future law career. I hope some of you reading this get the same opportunity in the future!