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My name is Hala Furst, and I am a 3L. Before coming to Roger Williams I received a BA in Theatre Arts at the University of Minnesota. In the three years between graduating from college and arriving here in Bristol, RI, I worked as a hotel concierge for a luxury brand, a loan officer and mortgage...

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Catching a Breath

Posted by Hala Furst on 09/07/2008 at 12:00 AM

The second year has started off at a record pace. Already we’re two weeks in, one week which was short, in fact, and I’m once again up to my eyeballs in school work, extracurriculars and clubs, and the added stress of second year: the job search. I barely feel like I had a summer this year, and already I’m looking for a job for next summer. This is kind of ludicrous, really, when you think about it. After one year of law school I’m supposed to know what kind of law I want to practice, where I want to practice, how I want to practice, all of it. The reason for this is that if you’re very lucky, you will be asked to come back after graduation to the firm or practice where you worked for your 2L summer. So this is the name of the game, kiddos, and there ain’t no getting around it. Well, there is, but you have to be very, very, confident, and very, very independent. And exceedingly lucky. I am usually one of three of those things on any given day, and very rarely all of them. So, I have been sending out applications, killing a rain forest with my resumes, and crossing my fingers rather hard.

The good thing about the job search happening this early is that it puts into sharp focus why you’re studying what you are studying, and why you’re studying it as hard as you are. As I learn more about Con Law and Admin, I start to think about whether I really do want a job in the public sector. As I learn Evidence, I reexamine whether I want to apply to jobs in the criminal division. And as I’m forced to reiterate my accomplishments on paper and in real life, I’m also realizing that I actually have some skills. A year ago I wouldn’t have a third of the things on my resume that now are points of pride. The concept of writing a memo or a brief would have frightened me to death. But now, I know that I have at least some of the tools, some of the vocabulary, to accomplish the task of not only getting a job, but performing the actual job when I do get it. And that, right there, is the most reassuring thought I have at this moment.

So, welcome to the new class of Roger Williams University School of Law. Welcome back to the classes of 2009 and 2010. And welcome everyone back into the fray.