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Celebrating Presidents’ Day at the RWU Law Library

Posted by Library Blog on 02/16/2017 at 03:19 PM

While having the day off from class is a great way to celebrate Presidents’ Day, it is not the only way! The RWU Law Library will show you many ways to celebrate Presidents’ Day next week:

  • On Tuesday, 2/21, we will be having an event from 10:00 am – 11:30 am called “Puzzling with the Librarians.” The librarians will be pushing together the tables in the Library Lounge and having some good old-fashioned puzzling fun.

Playing with puzzles, according to journalist Cassandra Jardine, can be calming and Jardine states, “Jigsaws…are silent, calming and can be combined with a little light social life. And they are gloriously cheap compared with other amusements, which explains why weekly cardboard puzzles became a national obsession in the US after the crash of 1929. That boom led to a bust all of its own when, in December 1932, a terrible period known as the Jigsaw Famine ensued.” Given the pressures of midterms, we are taking some time out of our schedule to relax, be mindful, and relieve some stress.

  • On Wednesday, 2/22, the library will have a coloring station set up to encourage patrons to color historical presidents and Executive branch items.
  • On Thursday, 2/23, we will be having a special Presidential treat for patrons in the morning. 
  • On Friday, 2/24, we will have a special President-themed crossword puzzle for patrons who want to boost their brainpower!

In anticipation of the week’s events, try this Presidents’ Day quiz

Library Calendar of Presidents Week Events