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Celebrating the Tenure of Dean Logan

Posted by Tom Peterson on 05/22/2014 at 10:39 AM

After eleven years as Dean, Dean David Logan is going to be stepping down as Dean of Roger Williams University School of Law and returning to teaching full time at the Law School.  On Thursday, May 15, 2014, the School of Law took a moment to honor Dean Logan's service as Dean in a ceremony renaming the main conference room on the second floor in his honor.  I had the chance to attend the ceremony and wanted to share some of the photos from the event. 

Dean Logan was joined by his family, friends, colleagues, distinguished members of the Bench and Bar, faculty, staff and students in the second floor atrium of the Law School for the brief ceremony.  The speakers included Roger Williams University President Donald Farish; First Circuit Court of Appeals Judge the Honorable Bruce Selya, Linn Foster Freedman, Jason Van Volkenburgh, and Dean-Designate Michael Yelnosky.  Each speaker honored Dean Logan's tenure as Dean and gave the crowd an insight into the lasting legacy that Dean Logan will leave for the law school.  Dean Logan then spoke briefly and thanked everyone, especially his wife and sons, for their support during his term as Dean.  The ribbon was cut and the room was dedicated. 

It was a very nice event and the conference room includes several momentos from Dean Logan's collection including a picture of Thurgood Marshall, a large clock and a display case where some (but not all) of Dean Logan's Bobble-Head Collection can be seen.  

The good news is that Dean Logan won't be going far and will be returning to full time professorship in the fall, teaching both sections of Torts for the 1L Class.  Dean Logan will remain Dean unitl July 1, 2014 when Dean Yelnosky will assume title and responsibilities.

After haivng Dean Logan as a professor for two semesters of Torts, I was happy to be in attendance at the ceremony.  There were a number of his former students there (picture below) and it was evident that his time at the helm of the law school has made a lasting impression on the institution and his students.  

I look forward to continuing to see him around the halls throughout my remaining two years at Roger Williams University School of Law.  

The Dedication Speakers

The Dedication Speakers: President Farish, Jason Van Volkenburgh, The Honorable Bruce Selya, Dean Logan,

Linn Foster Freedman, Dean-Designate Yelnosky


Dean Logan's Family

Dean Logan's Family: Wife Jeanne, Brother Wayne, Sons Ben and Daniel


Ribbon Cutting

Cutting the Ribbon with President Farish


Judge Clifton and his wife Audrey

Dean Logan, The Honorable Judge Ed Clifton and his wife Audry


Dean Logan's Own Bobble-Head

Dean Logan's Own Bobble-Head


Dean Logan's Tort Students

Dean Logan with his Tort Students who were in attendance at the dedication


Dean Logan

"The Dean"