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David Logan has served as Dean at Roger Williams University School of Law in Bristol, RI since 2003. A graduate of the University of Virginia School of Law, Dean Logan clerked for a federal judge and practiced with a major Washington, D.C. law firm, where he represented Native American tribes....

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Commencement 2014

Posted by David Logan on 06/05/2014 at 04:40 PM

Commencement 2014 was our chance to say congratulations and so long to the terrific class of 2014, award honorary degrees to two outstanding judges and one excellent lawyer, and wrap up the celebration of our twentieth anniversary.

This first installment focuses on back stage preparations for the big event; later installments will focus on the actual ceremony and the after party.

Professor Emeritus Bob Kent and a favorite former student, Nicole Dulude Benjamin '06

The Dean Team:  Professors Andrew Horwitz; David Zlotnick; Diana Hassel; Michael Yelnosky and Bruce Kogan

Super Judges Ed Clifton (RI Superior Court); Frank Flaherty (RI Supreme Court); Judith Kaye (Chief Judge of the New York Court of Appeals); and Robert Krause (RI Superior Court)

Honorary Degree Recipient Robert Barge (Executive Director, RI Legal Services); Teacher of the Year Emily Sack; Honorary Degree recipient Chief Judge Kaye; Dean Logan; Honorary Degree Recipient Judge Robert Krause

Celebrating 20 years of alumni:

Standing from left to right: Adam Resmini '09; Eric Miller '01; Elisha Morris ’04, Anthony Leone ’97; Dawn Euer ’10; James Bagley ’12; Genevieve Allaire Johnson ’97; Carly Iafrate ’00; Stephen Bernardo ’98; Kim Ahern ’09; Michael Just ’08; Jenna Hashway ’11; Adam Ramos ’06; Margreta Vellucci ’07; John Pagliarini, Jr. ’99; Jamie Bachant ’12; Nicole Benjamin ’06; Dena Castricone ’02; William Wray ’13; Diana deGroof ’03.

Sitting from left to right: Matthew Plain ’05; Stephen Maguire ’96; Ann Corriveau ’01; Dean Logan; Christy Hetherington ‘02; Deborah Gonzalez ‘07

The Graduates!