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David Logan served as Dean at Roger Williams School of Law from 2003 to 2014, making him one of the nation's longest-serving law deans. In 2014, he returned to full-time teaching and research.

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Court Upholds RWU Law Prof's Determination of Retirement Rights of "Plunder Dome" Convict

Posted by David Logan on 10/14/2011 at 11:16 AM

Prof. Larry RitchieOne of the longest-running sagas in Rhode Island politics is the  “Plunder Dome” investigation, which led to the imprisonment of former  Providence Mayor Vincent “Buddy” Cianci and his Director of Administration Frank Corrente.  (A member of the RWU Law Adjunct Faculty, Assistant United States Attorney Richard Rose, handled the successful federal prosecutions.) A different side of Richard Rose is feautred in (WPRI) Walt Buteaus' Street Stories.

Both Cianci and Corrente served substantial federal sentences but unlike Cianci, Corrente has doggedly maintained a right to a retirement pension for his years of public service.

The Providence Retirement Board turned to one of the most seasoned lawyers on the RWU Law faculty, Professor Larry Ritchie, to be an “independent hearing officer” and to make the initial determination of whether Corrente was entitled to a full pension despite the convictions. Prof. Ritchie’s report pulled no punches, observing that "Greed is not good", and that “Favoring a few contractors and citizens over the many honest taxpaying citizens of the city, for the political and financial gain of a few politicians and their cronies, is a heinous offense,” in support of his conclusion that there was no right to a full pension. Here is the Projo coverage of the initial  decision.

Here is a more recent report in which Superior Court Judge Michael Silverstein endorsed Prof. Ritchie’s analysis.