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Elizabeth Blank is a Rhode Island native who grew up on Aquidneck Island. She earned a bachelor of arts degree in biology from Boston University. After graduation, she worked as a Commercialization Analyst at a technology transfer consulting firm in Providence. Currently a third year law...

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A Day in the Life of a RWU 2L

Posted by Elizabeth Blank on 10/18/2012 at 08:24 PM

This past summer, a surprising number of lawyers assured me that my 2L year was going to be so much easier than the last; I doubt I am one of the few who would contest that statement. Between a demanding class schedule, an internship, and a law school club leadership position, that statement seems anything but accurate. It is 9 p.m.-- I find myself in my kitchen reciting the rules of Evidence while I ice cupcakes. This batch of cupcakes is for the Women's Law Society’s bake sale to raise money for a Breast Cancer Walk on Sunday. Who knew a few cupcakes could make a difference! However, after a long day, I did not imagine that making cupcakes would serve as the icing on my day-- pun intended. This morning started out like most mornings: studying in the library before my 9 a.m. class, a grab-and-go lunch, and driving quickly to get to my internship at the Attorney General’s Office in Providence on time. Everyday my internship is full of new opportunities to learn and every now and then, an ‘eureka’ moment. By this I mean, a moment when legal issues at my internship hit upon topics I am covering in one of my courses. So much of my learning during law school has come from outside of the classroom, through internships and participation in programs offered by the school (not limited to participating in a mentorship program and an ‘Alternative Spring Break’ trip last spring). Predictably, this evening was dedicated to tackling my reading assignments for tomorrow, answering emails, and spending the limited free time I have with my family. For me, every day is a challenge to attain some sort of balance between school, extracurricular opportunities, and spending time with friends and family. Although it is not often, I am able to enjoy the fleeting moments when I am standing in my kitchen, and I feel like I have achieved this balance.