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Electronic Resources of the Rhode Island State Law Library

Posted by Library Blog on 05/05/2008 at 12:00 AM

If you are working in Rhode Island for an attorney or law firm this summer and do not want to travel to Bristol, check out the State Law Library!  The State Law Library is located in the Frank Licht Judicial Complex at 250 Benefit Street in downtown Providence.  In addition to the print materials in its collection, the State Law Library provides to all its library patrons free access to electronic resources such as Westlaw for Patrons, Shepard’s citator service, Matthew Bender treatises, and Loislaw.  Westlaw for Patrons has cases, statutes, law reviews/journals, American Jurisprudence 2d, the Restatements, and the American Law Reports.  If you are using the Shepard’s citator service, you can also access the “Get a Document” feature in addition to fully shepardizing a case or a statute.  The Matthew Bender treatises are provided via Lexis.com with options to browse the tables of contents or conduct keyword searches of the various Matthew Bender treatises.  Loislaw provides cases, statutes, agency rules and regulations, and other primary law for all fifty states and federal jurisdictions.  In addition to the primary legal materials, Loislaw includes access to treatises focused around practice areas.  For access to Loislaw outside of the confines of the State Law Library, you can sign up to use Loislaw through the law school.  Most importantly, unlike LexisNexis and Westlaw, you can use Loislaw while working for an attorney or a law firm.  Contact a librarian for the law school’s special access code.

The State Law Library also has CD-ROMs containing primary legal materials for Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.  Federal and general legal materials are available on CD-ROMs or via the Internet.