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End of the year say what?

Posted by Brynna Gang on 04/23/2011 at 04:49 PM

Worst blogger ever. 

     I have been a bit um, horrible about posting. I think of posting often because there's so much going on that is interesting but there just hasn't been the time!

   So here's what's been going on...

1) Oral Arguments

I know I've mentioned that as 1L's we take a legal writing course, think of it as "legal writing for dummies." It's a course that gives you the basics of legal writing which unless you are a lawyer who for whatever reason is going back to law school for round 2, you'll have had no experience with prior to law school. I wrote a TON of papers analyzing events etc in undergrad but let me say history papers and legal documents do not mix. 

Now our grades for the course are papers (surprise) and this semester we wrote an appellate brief. You get a problem, everyone writes on the same case, and are assigned to either the defense or prosecution. Besides the paper you write you also have to argue your position during oral arguments. One night you come to school in your fancy court outfit and argue against the opposing side in front of a couple professors who are acting as appellate judges. During your 10 minute argument the bench throws questions at you to which you must respond. Everyone freaks out and gets really nervous/tense about this but honestly it isn't that bad. Even if you don't plan to litigate it's a good experience because you get practice thinking on your feet and well, it is fun. Plus the professors give you some feedback of things to work on so it is really helpful in the end. I enjoyed it. That being said I am glad it is over. 

2) Non-law school friend fun 

Once you are in law school you learn to speak and think legal and thus you become slightly awkward when not around other law people. The friends you have outside of law school become precious because their fondness for you likely continues despite that now when they tell you a story about someone doing something dumb you don't just laugh but instead think through the elements of negligence and the ease with which you could prove them all. Plus, they give you a break from speaking legal all the time with your law school friends which is so necessary for your sanity.

One of my closest friends is getting married in June and the first weekend in April I drove back to NY to go to her bridal shower. I was really happy to get out of town for the weekend because it is definitely starting to get that end of the year flavor. However, her shower was the week before oral arguments so that meant I spent most of my time working. Still, I really enjoyed being away for the weekend and discovered that my dog, Jack, now recognizes the smell of the town where my mom lives. Slightly disturbing. As soon as we got within a few miles of the town Jack spent a great deal of time sniffing the heater vents and wagging his tail excitedly. Apparently, Webster has a signature smell?  

   Moving on...

3) End of the year say what?

We are now dangerously close to the end of the year. This is completely and utterly crazy. This Friday we had our last Civ Pro class. Next week is the last week of classes. On one hand I feel like I have been here since August and on the other I cannot believe that my first year of law school is almost done. Today I finished writing my appellate brief for legal methods and am working to get my outlines up to date within the next week. Within 3 weeks I will be done, Jack and I will drive back to NY for the summer where I will most likely go on a non-lawschool reading binge. Although, I hate to admit it, I have plans to read a biography of Learned Hand this summer. For those of you who don't know who he was, he was a NY judge in the early 20th century who decided pretty much all the major tort cases and his name really was Learned Hand. It fit him perfectly. You can blame his cost/benefit formula for Ford's refusal to re-desgin the Pinto. 


Ohh and a couple of weeks ago when one of our classes got canceled some of my fellow section B'ers and I went to watch one of our professors in his courtroom. It was so cool! This probably sounds super nerdy but it is so exciting when you actually know what is going on in a case! While listening to the housing cases I was really happy to recognize topics from our property class. It was a great review for finals too because when we heard the case issues it was really easy to recall the cases from class and why what the defendant was saying was just NOT a winning argument. It's easy to get so caught up in the daily grind of reading and preparing for class that having little glimpses of what you are actually going to do with what you learn is really invigorating!

Okay. I rattled on a lot. I will try to post something before school is over. Probably when I need a break from studying for finals. Sorry I've been the worst blogger ever but I will attempt to do better. Talk to you soon(ish). 

  Bye bloggies.