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Fear & Stress Management

Posted by Library Blog on 11/13/2015 at 09:05 AM

One of the librarians noticed this story about overcoming fear which was recently featured in the online ABA Journal and remarked at how well it handled the issues of lawyer stress and fear. It states, “Fear has become part of the legal culture because lawyers, like soldiers, often feel engaged in battle.” Not only do lawyers feel the pressures of stress and fear, but law students do, too.

Coloring in the LibraryHave you noticed the sign on the law school television display screens (with unicorns!) about coloring with the librarians? If so, we hope you have stopped by to color with us! If not, we hope you will consider stopping by on Mondays in November from 3:00 pm - 3:30 pm for some coloring or doodling.

Coloring is fun and it can also be part of a healthy stress relieving routine according to some scientists. Whether you are looking for something to help de-stress your day or you are just looking for a break from the very adult world of law school, stop by and visit us on Monday afternoons in November.

Besides coloring books, the library has other opportunities to learn about stress management. We recently released an online LawGuide about Stress Management, Mindfulness and Wellness. This guide features resources in the library and outside the library to encourage mental wellness. The last page of the LawGuide is a photo tour of reflective spaces on the RWU Campus (pictures by the library’s own Kathleen MacAndrew!).