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Fearless Felix and 7 Tips from the Edge of Space

Posted by Michael Rekola on 10/16/2012 at 07:25 PM

Over the weekend, Felix Baumgartner, aka “Fearless Felix” became the first human to sky dive at a rate faster than the speed of sound.  By accomplishing this extreme challenge, Fearless Felix completed a life long goal of being the first person to break the sound barrier without a vehicle.  He also broke the record for highest manned balloon flight (at 120,100 ft.) and highest free-fall jump at the same altitude (nearly 24 miles above sea level). 

If you were one of the ones watching this task whether on the Internet, television, or radio then you were probably like me, glued to it.  I could not believe that there was an individual willing to risk skydiving from the edge of space.  I mean think about it. He literally floated 24 miles above sea level only to take one step out of a perfectly good balloon capsule to travel at a rate of nearly 834 miles per hour for about 4 minutes and 19 seconds.  That’s crazy! I mean my heart jumped out the minute Felix slid the door open to the capsule.

Then he simply took one step onto the edge of the platform and said “Sometimes you have to go really high to see how small you are... I'm going home now" before jumping!

So as many people began to think how crazy this guy was, I tried to learn something from him. As a result these are the 7 things I learned from Fearless Felix.

1) Always have a long-term goal! – Here Felix Baumgartner, dreamed up this goal over 7 years ago and never strayed from that goal.

2) Preparation is a long road. – Felix started to prepare for this jump from the day he dreamt it up.  He began by focusing on smaller jumps and smaller goals before working up to this accomplishment. 

3) Be flexible.  – After 7 years of preparation, Felix understood the need to be flexible in when the jump was scheduled.  He pushed the jump back several times after inclement weather was forecasted.

4) Stay Committed – Just like he was flexible with his jump he also did not let the bad weather dissuade him. He remained resolute in his commitment to accomplish the task! 

5) Stay Cool Under Pressure –With this jump, Felix had one of the most watched video streams ever.  With that came a huge weight on his shoulders but he did not let it affect his task.  He kept plugging along. Even a problem with his face visor while 120,000 feet above the earth couldn’t shake up this cool cat!

6) “Sometimes you have to go really high to see how small you are” – The words of Felix are so true. Many days we seem to just trudge through life not looking at the bigger picture.  Nor do we ever look at the fact that sometimes our problems are just so small that we shouldn’t sweat them.  Someone has never said truer words so high!

7) Just Jump! – After all the checks, and procedures. After all the years of planning, and tests. Sometime the only thing you need to do is take a step, jump, or leap into the unknown to accomplish a goal.  If you believe in something so much for so long, you may never get the perfect opportunity, but when the window is clear enough, just jump!

So as you look re-watch the amazing footage, be amazed at his commitment, confidence and willingness to sacrifice for his goal! Fearless Felix, I salute and thanks for the inspiration!!! 

Fearless Felix