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My name is Hala Furst, and I am a 3L. Before coming to Roger Williams I received a BA in Theatre Arts at the University of Minnesota. In the three years between graduating from college and arriving here in Bristol, RI, I worked as a hotel concierge for a luxury brand, a loan officer and mortgage...

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Final Push

Posted by Hala Furst on 12/05/2009 at 12:00 AM

Today marks the beginning of the reading period for my last set of fall finals in law school. My nostalgia is predictably overcome by concern that I will fail the two exams I do have.

But third year gives you some perspective. The fear that motivated you in first year is totally gone, and the worry about summer jobs etc. that motivated you in second year is long past. The desire to do well and the desire to take a nice long nap is directly at odds, unfortunately. So the question becomes, what does motivate you in your final year, especially when the siren song of “senior-itis” is so lovely and luring?

Well, here is my list, in no particular order:
1. I still need to get a job after I graduate, and grades do have some role in that (or so they tell me).
2. I would like to graduate with honors, because who doesn’t like a little more Latin on their diploma?
3. Respect for my professors, and an irrational fear that they will a) know how I did, even though we have anonymous grading, and b) that they will judge me for it.
4. CALI luncheons are quite nice, and the more free food I can get, the better.
5. I’m a control freak.
6. I’m still paying for school, so I’m really only wasting my own money.
7. My class schedule is pretty sweet, in that I don’t have to get up before 10am any day of the week. Of course, this might suggest I should get another job, or volunteer, or some such. I’d prefer to do creative research by watching the West Wing in my jammies.
8. Going to class is sometimes the only opportunity I have to see my inordinately high-acheiving friends. 
9. The heating system is better at school than in my apartment.
And the final reason?

10. This is the last chance I’ll ever have to be in law school. I don’t want to waste a minute of it.