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Flash Mob Law

Posted by Library Blog on 04/24/2015 at 08:18 AM

While you may not have been a part of a flash mob recently, you may still have your favorite flash mob clip from a movie, TV, or YouTube. Do you like the Closing Time scene in Friends with Benefits or maybe you prefer the Big Bang Theory’s "Call Me Maybe" flash mob? Perhaps your favorite clip is a law school flash mob video from a contracts class?

Flash Mob Law coverNo matter which video is your favorite, have you ever wondered about the laws behind flash mobs? If so, we have just the book for you. Ruth Carter’s Flash Mob Law is available in the Law Library and can be a starting point for flash mob organizers and participants to learn all about “flash mob law.” Carter defines flash mob law as “a combination of all the laws that come into play before, during, and after a flash mob. It is a hybrid of criminal, tort, property, intellectual property, entertainment, and First Amendment law.” The book contains chapters on the legal implications of planning, privacy issues, potential jurisdictional issues, and case studies. If you want a sample of flash mob law, a mini-lecture by the book’s author is available online from the 2012 ABA TechShow.