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I am a 2L at Roger Williams University School of Law, and a recent graduate of Stonehill College, Class of 2008. I received my BA in Political Science, with a minor in Business Administration. I have served in the Mass. Army National Guard from 2000- Present, formerly as an Intelligence Analyst...

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The good, the bad, and the familiar

Posted by Kelly Bennett on 09/05/2009 at 12:00 AM

Walking back into school after being away a few months is strange-- there are familiar faces, and the building itself looks the same, but something feels different.  Maybe I’m different.  Maybe it has something to do with knowing what to expect, and being a little more ready for it this year than last year. It’s definitely good to be back. 

It seems to me there has been a shift in the dynamic-- I am no longer the new kid on campus.  Suddenly, there are a ton of new students I don’t know, all scurrying around with that same, familiar deer-in-the-headlights look that I recall sporting myself not that all that long ago.  The view from here is strange.  I can relate, and yet nothing I can say to any of them will really make them feel better.  Not that they would want to hear it anyway… if I remember accurately, I expected my experience to be my own, and it was-- no two are really entirely alike. 

Classes have begun, and the work is quickly getting under way.  I can already tell that the workload is going to be heavier than last year, but I feel ready.  The professors jump right in in 2L year; they expect us to already know how to read and analyze these cases, so their patience and generocity with our responses in class is much more limited.  I’ve tried to set up my schedule to have more built in time for studying, trying to accomodate the increase in work. Something I noticed right away is that the way I read the cases now is different from last year-- I am reading them more carefully, I’m reading the commentary in the book, looking at statutes and regulations, advisory notes, and other records for insight-- I feel like I am understanding the material much better than I did last year, that maybe there is something to the way law school teaches you to think.  I think I’m starting to think like a lawyer!