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Heather O’Connor is a 3L. After a seven year marriage and three kids, Heather went through a divorce that left her questioning what to do with her life. She decided to become an attorney and has never looked back since beginning the long journey. She entered a local community college after...

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Grade Anticipation

Posted by Heather O'Connor on 04/23/2010 at 11:18 AM

I am supposed to be getting a midterm paper back today.  I have a million things to do (nevermind the fact my Spring Break started at 10:15 this morning), but I am sitting at my computer obsessed with checking TWEN every five minutes to see if my corrected paper has been returned yet.  Why am I this compulsive when it comes to grades?  I am not a very patient person when it comes to results - I like to know exactly where I stand as soon as possible.  However, I keep trying to rationalize with myself that it will come in when it comes in.  Checking the site every five minutes is not helping me get anything done, and is not going to make the paper (and my grade) appear any quicker. 

I do the same thing when grades are coming out at the end of the semester also.  As soon as 4:00 hits on the days grades are scheduled to be posted, I sit at my computer and continuously hit the refresh button until a grade finally pops up.  I really can't figure out why I feel compelled to act this way.  I admire those with the ability to check their grades at the end of the day when they know for sure they will be posted, and I marvel at the strength of those (one in particular) who can wait until they know all their grades have been posted before even looking.  I can't do it though.  I seem to have a weakness, or a sick compulsion - whatever you'd like to call it, when it comes to finding out.  I want to know, and I want to know now! 

Hopefully, most people do not suffer from this, although I know I am not alone in my constant refreshing tactics.  It makes me wonder what I will be like waiting for a jury to return with a verdict.  There's no refresh button available in that situation.  =)