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HeinOnline: A Wealth of Legal Information at Your Finger Tips! Part II

Posted by Library Blog on 03/07/2012 at 05:55 PM

HeinOnline offers a wide-range of primary and secondary legal materials for the researcher easily searched within topical libraries and downloadable in pdf format.   

For those participating in moot court competitions, the National Moot Court Competition Library provides access to records, briefs, and related organizational materials from the first to the most recent competition. Similarly, the Philip C. Jessup Library includes the Problems, Judges’ Briefs, Rules, and leading written memorials which comprise each competition. Several publications of the International Law Students Association are available.

Need to find many different states’ laws on a particular subject?  Be sure to look at the Subject Compilation of State Laws Library, which contains references to secondary sources such as law review articles, and websites published between 1960 and 2010 that contain citations to state statutes. Hundreds of topics, from Abandoned Property to Zoning, are covered.

If you are researching a major federal law, use the U.S. Federal Legislative History Library to determine if there is a compiled legislative history for your law.   A compiled legislative history for your law contains citations and sometimes full-text documents that can help you ascertain Congressional intent such as the enacted bill and versions of it in the House and Senate, committee hearings, committee reports, transcripts of legislative debate as published in the Congressional Record, and a Presidential signing statement.  This library also has the database Sources of Compiled Legislative Histories which is useful for locating any books, articles, and Legislative Histories available on the law you are researching.  There are options to browse by session of Congress or by Public Law.

These are just a few of the two dozen or so HeinOnline Libraries. Be sure to read the next installment of the Legal Beagle blog for descriptions of other HeinOnline Libraries.