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Hip Hop Sonnet

Posted by on 09/01/2010 at 10:21 AM


"Writing" Down the House

How about a little mid-week poetry to shake up your neurons? I wrote this poem in April for a contest sponsored by the Chronicle of Higher Education. The prompt was to write a poem based on/in response to/or just tangentially related to a poem by John Keats called "On First Looking into Chapman's Homer."

 Hip Hop Homer:


After Keats’s “On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer”


Yo, yo Homer. He’s a freakin’ home boy.

Never done much trippin’.

‘Cept when he was sippin’ MaiTais at the local.

Still, he ain’t no yokel.

Bounces in the realms of gold.

Shit.  He got a boat load.

Make it shakin’ hip hop ‘bout his Mamma’s boyfriends.

New one’s from Tribeca.  Think he know DiNero.

But he just a serial sponger from da projects.

Planet of the Scumbags.  Someone gonna pop him.


Need to read some Keats, yo, ‘bout a guy named Chapman.

And his home boy, Homer, goin’ to da islands.

Fourteen lines of freedom.  Skies full of eagles.

Many goodly states, yo.  Can’t wait for dat season.