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Image Captions

Posted by on 03/01/2012 at 10:10 AM

Here is some sample blog or page content.  I want to insert a photo that requires a caption.

We now have a font style specific to image captions that can be applied to both large and small images as needed.

Image of Student Panel
Here is my new image caption style

Here is what to do:

  • Upload and/or insert your image.
  • On the image properties GENERAL tab, be sure to include both a title and a description.
  • On the APPEARANCE tab, be sure to set spacing around your image by entering a value of 5-10 for vertical and horizontal space
  • Save your settings and insert your image by clicking "UPDATE"
  • Use SHFT-ENTER to place your curser on the line immediately below your photo.  Don't use ENTER alone, as this will create a paragraph break and too much space between the image and its caption.
  • Type your caption on this line.  Use ENTER when you are done to create a new paragraph if needed, otherwise just proceed to the last step.
  • Select/highlight your caption text.  From the STYLES pulldown in the editing toolbar, choose "caption-text".
  • Voila!  Done.

This process will be the same regardless of whether you are placing large, centered images or images entered in a table.  Smaller images that require captions should be placed in a table cell so that both the image and its caption are constrained to the cell and text can wrap around it.