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My name is Regina Curran, and I'm 3L. Before coming to Roger Williams I received my BA in Sociology from Texas A&M University. I am originally from both Texas and Oklahoma. I took a short time off after undergrad to work odd jobs, but ultimately knew I was headed for law school. Having...

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It’s law school…Everyone’s got an opinion

Posted by Regina Curran on 04/23/2009 at 12:00 AM

We are a week away from finals and just finished registering for classes, its this time of year more than others that everyone has a tip for you and your success. There are plenty of theories about which classes to take, how best to study, and the best ways to ensure you pass the bar the first time around. Generally speaking I have listened to these thoughts because they are shared by well-meaning people who truly want to offer you their experiences. At the end of the day, for me anyways, I more or less do what I want.

Personally speaking my interests in the law are vast and varied, so I have chosen the path of take what sounds good (thankfully for me many of these classes have also been bar classes). I have also decided to take classes from professors that I particularly enjoy. This will potentially be the last time I’ll ever be in a classroom and I want to spend that time learning from people who I find interesting and helpful. If you have a specialty you are particularly interested in, by all means take as many classes in that area as you can or want to.

As for finals, theories on ensuring success abound. Have a study group, outline, make flashcards, start early, focus on one subject at a time, diversify your study time. My first year I tried many if not all of these strategies, its only now that I feel really comfortable in my own methods. I personally rarely outline, turns out my brain doesn’t operate in outline format. That said I do plenty of review and take tons of notes. I love flashcards but I know they don’t work for everyone. Also given my schedule I often study alone instead of in groups. I’ve had some good groups and some bad groups, but at the end of the day I work and am very busy and no group appreciates having to always bend to my schedule. I know that I’ll do just fine without a group and if I want one I know there are always friends out there who would love to meet for a final review.

If you’re pursuing law school I wish you the best. Don’t be afraid to do what works for you even if it doesn’t conform to the “norm” of study habits or class selections. Only you will be able to know what makes you the most productive and effective law student. If you’re reading this because you’re one of my friends/family I promise I’m doing okay and if you don’t hear from me for the next couple of weeks its only because I’m doing what I need to do to pass my finals. I promise I’ll reappear soon!