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My name is Hala Furst, and I am a 3L. Before coming to Roger Williams I received a BA in Theatre Arts at the University of Minnesota. In the three years between graduating from college and arriving here in Bristol, RI, I worked as a hotel concierge for a luxury brand, a loan officer and mortgage...

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It’s That Time Again… (or AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH part II)

Posted by Hala Furst on 04/25/2008 at 12:00 AM

Exams are back. Meh. I just can’t get that excited about them. I don’t know why I’m lacking the requisite fear, I really have no right to be this calm. Maybe I’m just fooling myself, staving off the panic. Or maybe it’s that I’ve done this once before, and I survived, so I know I’ll be ok. Which is not to say I’ll do well, just that I might not die on the inside. Personally, I think most of it has to do with the fact that Spring has come to Lil’ Rhody, and it is BEAUTIFUL outside. Blue, cloudless skies, lush, green grass, sparkling, navy blue water, a light, refreshing breeze that carries away with it all the cares you have in the world.... which is why I have to stay inside. If I go outside, if I even look out the window, that’s it. No more studying for the day. I’ve sequestered myself like a hermit in my little apartment, refusing to go out to even find food, which is a problem, since right now all I have in the fridge is capers and some ketchup packets from god knows when. These are the sacrifices we make for exams, friends.

Actually I did take a walk along the bay and lay in the grass yesterday with some friends, so it’s not that dire. I have to believe that I’m going to better on exams if I’m happy and relaxed going into them. What works for me is creating my outline in preparation of the exam, taking it slow and really ruminating over each part, and making sure I get a good nights sleep every night. I can’t study at the library during finals, because the anxiety level is so high it begins to be palpable, and I have the terrible habit of comparing my study habits with everyone around me. If I don’t have the answer to one question, or if I’m studying in a different way, I begin to doubt myself. So for the duration of finals, I try to live in a vacuum. I don’t know if that’s smart or not, but it keeps me from wanting to throw myself into Bristol Harbor.Taking little breaks to spend time with friends, or even just stare out at the ocean, are the key to not exhausting yourself, and keeping everything in perspective. Of course grades are important, but the instant you begin to believe they are the only measure of success, or the only measure of value in law school, you’ve already sabotaged yourself. You have to look at things holistically, which is why even as exams approached I kept going to school events, whether they were lectures, meet and greets, or receptions. I know that makes some people nervous, that it might seem like I’m not as focused on exams as I should be, but what it actually does is reminds me of why I need to do well, all the opportunities and experiences that will be available to me if I can do well in law school. That is my real incentive.

Anyway, that’s all for now- just a quick update, and now I must be back at it.