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Posted by Library Blog on 10/14/2016 at 01:22 PM

Are you interested in pursuing a career in litigation? Would you like to know how to make your case more persuasive to judges and juries? These resources may help!

Creating Winning Trial Strategies and Graphics Creating Winning Trial Strategies and Graphics by G. Christopher Ritter is now available in its second edition. Mr. Ritter is a former trial lawyer and part of the litigation strategy and graphics firm The Focal Point LLC. In Creating Winning Trial Strategies and Graphics, he expands on the process that all trial lawyers must follow to make their cases more persuasive and easier to understand. The process clarifies and develops essential tools that jurors and judges need so they can evaluate, retain, and understand complex issues effectively. Future and current trial attorneys will therefore learn how to simplify their cases by filtering out what is distracting and unimportant.

Taking the reader step-by-step through the graphics process, Ritter also provides dozens of examples and illustrations intended to help lawyers strengthen their argument and convey information in an organized, clear, and convincing manner.

More information about Creating Winning Trial Strategies and Graphics can be found at its dedicated website, which provides additional animations, graphics, videos, and resources. The book itself can be found in the library’s lending collection at KF8915.Z9 R58 2015.

With iPads becoming ever-present in courtrooms and depositions, as lawyers using them for everything from keeping organized to presenting evidence, the trial lawyer of today may benefit from staying up to date on app releases. Find a good list of helpful legal apps at Robert Ambrogi’s blog post 40 Suggested Apps for Trial Lawyers, Part I and Part II, on “Bullseye.”

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These titles are available from the library’s lending collection.