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Legal Haiku?

Posted by Library Blog on 10/16/2015 at 09:24 AM

As we all learned in elementary school, Haiku is a form of traditional Japanese poetry with a 17-syllable verse form (5, 7, and 5). What you might not have learned in grade school is legal haiku.

Haiku Decisis is a website created by Joshua Auriemma which features haiku extracted from a random Supreme Court opinion. It is like a random Supreme Court haiku generator. The haiku were identified using a computer algorithm and some of them are awesome.

ABA Haiku Contest for Law StudentsIf you want to try your hand at writing haiku, the ABA’s Young Lawyer Division and ABA Law Student Division sponsor an annual haiku contest where you can compete and win money for your legal poetry. This year the theme is recent U.S. Supreme Court Decisions and the U.S. Constitution. Information about the contest can be found at www.ambar.org/haikucontest. The winning entries from last year are available online for inspiration. The deadline is November 15th.

If you prefer to read non-haiku poetry from judicial opinions, check out the University of Washington School of Law Gallagher Law Library website on Judicial Humor which has a section on Parody & Verse in Opinions. If you prefer spoken word poetry, please feel free to stop by the reference desk and share your talents with our librarians.