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Legal News Using Law360

Posted by Library Blog on 09/18/2015 at 01:51 PM

Law360 is a digital resource which specializes in legal news and analysis. Although Law360 has the searchability of a database, it also functions like a daily newsletter on topics of your choosing. It is provided by LexisNexis and is probably best known for how quickly it delivers updates. According to their website, they cover “85% of events within 48 hours” and the database is updated about every fifteen minutes.

Law360All of the individual stories from Law360 are also available through Lexis Advance. For information on accessing Law360 or other resources at home, see our Off-Campus Access to Digital Resources page.

A full list of all of the topics covered on Law360 can be found here. For help using the advanced search features of this database see the Advanced Search Guide. If you would prefer to have content delivered to you, set up an RSS feed. Another option allows you to set up an alert in Lexis Advance which can be used to track Law360 content on government agencies, judges, attorneys, companies and cases.

If you have questions about Law360 or are looking for more information about how best to use it (especially if you are writing a paper this semester or even a note for law review), stop by the reference desk and speak with a librarian.