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Legally Chocolate

Posted by Library Blog on 04/26/2016 at 02:49 PM

A book came across my desk recently and its title sparked immediate interest. It is called Legally Chocolate: A Confection of Cocoa in the Courts. According to the back of the book, “[e]ach chapter focuses on interesting legal cases or regulations relating to chocolate, using authentic, relevant, and amusing case law and references that are sure to sweeten the reader's experience” (pun intended?).

Indeed, if you flip through the pages of this book you will find interesting chocolate-related cases! In particular, I enjoyed reading about the so-called Bunny Wars of Austria. If you think the Bunny Wars of Austria are made up, check out this Wall Street Journal article about them. Interested in who won the confectionary showdown, see this post on a confectionary industry news website. If you think the buck stopped at bunnies, you would be un-bear-ably wrong. Maybe the saga of the Goldbären will be featured in the sequel to Legally Chocolate?

To locate Legally Chocolate and other resources in our collection, go to our WebCatalog. More information about borrowing library materials can be found on our website. To read up on other chocolate IP legal battles beyond the book, the law blog IPcopy (which is written by IP attorneys at Keltie LLP or K2 IP Limited) has an interesting summary of cases on this topic.