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LexisNexis and Westlaw Summer Access

Posted by Library Blog on 05/01/2008 at 12:00 AM

LexisNexis offers access privileges during the summer to August 1st.  You will need to register for summer full access through the Summer Access Registration link on the “My School” page or on the LexisNexis Lawschool Portal page.  You are eligible for summer full access for:

Summer School
School-Related Research Assignment
Moot Court Research
Law Review or Journal Research
Working as a Professor’s Research Assistant
Non-Profit Externship
Unpaid Internship/Externship
Bar Review


Westlaw summer access begins on June 1st and ends on August 1st.  If you do not qualify for an extension, you will have 2 hours of access per month in June and July and will receive a warning when you have used 90% of your monthly access. Graduating students can get an extension as well for bar review.  To file for an extension, log on to Westlaw, and enter your password. The extension link is on the main Westlaw page - look on the lower left margin of the screen for the blue vertical banner with the beach scene on it. The link for graduating students is on the right margin - another banner ad.  If you’re not graduating, you are eligible to register for an extension if you are:

Taking summer law school classes
Doing law review or journal work
Working as a research assistant for a professor
Involved with Moot Court
Working at an unpaid/non-profit public interest internship/externship
Doing pro-bono work required for graduation