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Lock Your Virtual Doors! Cybersecurity Starts With Your Passwords

Posted by Library Blog on 09/22/2017 at 09:35 AM

As the Legal Beagle sits to write this, a major data breach involving credit monitoring company Equifax has made the news.

LockIf you read or even watch the news regularly, you will know that this is not the first and likely not the last security breach that may have an effect on your finances, personal information, or even health information. How can you protect yourself from future attacks?  Strong passwords + protecting your devices. 

Although the person who invented password rules has changed his mind about those rules, a strong password that combines old advice and new advice can help you protect access to your most important information. 

However, strong passwords are not enough!  Any device that you use to access the Internet also needs to be protected against viruses and malware.  Yes, even your iPhone or Mac. Sadly, even connected devices like the Amazon Echo or Google Home can be hacked.  

So, how does the Legal Beagle ensure that his passwords are good and protected?  He will be the first one in line to attend our Prepare for Practice technology class Don't Forget Your (Virtual) Keys: Creating & Using Strong Passwords.  In this class, the Legal Beagle and you will learn about tools for testing your current passwords, how to create strong passwords, how to safely use them on any device, and we’ll touch on ways to protect your devices.