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Maritime Piracy

Posted by Library Blog on 02/18/2016 at 02:51 PM

According to Oceans Beyond Piracy, maritime piracy costs billions of dollars a year. In 2014 alone, over 5000 seafarers were attacked by pirates. While many are familiar with the history of piracy in the Gulf of Aden, surprisingly, in 2012, the Gulf of Guinea surpassed it as the region with the highest number of reported piracy attacks in the world.

The newest book display in the library is about maritime piracy and the books displayed are only part of the collection of resources highlighted on our website and available in our collection. The selected books are also featured on the library’s Pinterest page.

For more online information about maritime piracy, check out communis hostis omnium, a blog which dissects the international legal and practical problems of piracy. It is written by a combination of legal practitioners and academics. The blog also has a book review section which can be helpful for identifying relevant books on potential research topics.

For help with your research related to maritime piracy, stop by the reference desk or email one of the librarians at lawlibraryhelp@rwu.edu.

Image by John Maravelakis