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I am a 2L at Roger Williams University School of Law, and a recent graduate of Stonehill College, Class of 2008. I received my BA in Political Science, with a minor in Business Administration. I have served in the Mass. Army National Guard from 2000- Present, formerly as an Intelligence Analyst...

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Posted by Kelly Bennett on 10/20/2008 at 12:00 AM

This weekend was one of those weekends; that’s right, the things that law school legends are made of.  I’m pretty sure that I haven’t had anything more than coffee to drink for the last few days; anything I’ve eaten has been straight off of the “what not to eat” list of just about any diet book, and I’m still in the pajamas I wore to bed Friday night… so yes, it’s been one of those weekends.

This weekend was the infamous weekend before the legal Memo is due.  The MEMO is the bain of all first year law students, that first assignment that leaves you racing against the clock while you try to perfect the art of something that seems so big and life-consuming now, but which will be a regular part of our writing later in our careers.  Legal writing is supposed to be predictive, structured, and boiled down to critical facts and analysis, and is very different from any time of writing I’ve ever done.  The skill is critical, but elusive at times, because it requires you to forget what you think you know about writing, and learn a whole new language.  This assignment is my first big attempt at legal writing, and the amount of reading, research, drafting, and redrafting that has gone into it has been tremendous. 

Once this is handed in, I’m sure I’ll be relieved.  Until then, there is more work to be done!