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MLK Week 2010

Posted by David Logan on 02/18/2010 at 12:00 AM

During the week of January 18, RWU Law held its 5th Annual M.L.K. Celebration.  Throughout the week members of the law school community participated in activities designed to commemorate the life and teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Through service and learning we reflected on the changes in the civil rights movement and the ways in which we can make a difference in our communities.  On the Monday holiday, a group of students and staff had a “Day On” (instead of a day off) by rolling up their sleeves to paint at the Roger Williams Middle School in south Providence.  The RWU Law group joined City Year R.I. to brighten up the school with new murals and freshly painted doors. 

photo of students painting

Mat Manne ‘10, Zahrah Taylor ‘12,
Dawn Euer ‘10, Dean of Students Lorraine Lalli

photo of student volunteers

Angela Alexander ‘10, Anthony Rubino ‘12,
Joscelyne Kravitz ‘12, Amy Folz

The highlight of the week was the keynote address given by Angela Ciccolo, the interim general counsel for the NAACP.  The NAACP is the perfect organization to study the progress made by the Civil Rights Movement and the challenges that remain.  Ms. Ciccolo shared examples of current cases the NAACP is litigating – from voting rights to the provision of equal access to goods and services.  She stated that to live up to Dr. King’s dream of being one people united, we still have many battles to wage.  She stressed the important role that law school graduates can play in making a difference – a role that she has fostered through the NAACP Legal Fellowship (an opportunity experienced by 3L Angela Alexander who clerked for Ms. Ciccolo in the summer of 2008).

Ciccolo Address photo

Joyce Williams (NAACP-Newport), Angela Ciccolo
(NAACP Interim General Counsel), Cliff Montiero (NAACP-Prov)

This is the 20th anniversary of Spike Lee’s film “Do the Right Thing,” so it was appropriate that it be screened by the Multicultural Law Students Association and I facilitated a discussion afterward.  Students shared their reactions to the movie as both a piece of history and as a reflection of ongoing struggles in communities of color.  Many of the students had never seen the film, and it elicited strong reactions and a meaningful discussion just as it did when it was released two decades ago.

photo of RWU Law students with Angela Ciccola

Zahrah Taylor ‘12, Angela Ciccolo (NAACP Interim General Counsel),
Angela Alves ‘11, Angela Alexander ‘10, Jametta Alston
(RI Child Advocate), Theresa Alston

Read Spike Lee’s reflections upon the film in a recent interview.