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Motivation & Inspiration

Posted by Library Blog on 03/16/2016 at 01:49 PM

Congrats! You have nearly made it to Spring!

It is easy to dwell on the work you still have left to do, the goals you still have left to accomplish, and the time of which you feel you never have enough. However, there is some science that suggests you should spend some time each day expressing gratitude and visualizing your success. In fact, there are many resources online about or related to positive psychology that discuss the science behind happiness and mindfulness.

Here at the Law Library we try and support student well-being and student mental health (and of course, student happiness!) We have developed a LawGuide on Stress Management, Mindfulness and Wellness which features books and e-books in our collection on the topic. We also have a collection of coloring and doodling supplies for student use which are available on reserve. Last semester, we gave away stress balls at exam time.

This semester, we are trying something new, a motivation wall.

When you enter the library you will see a board which features post-it notes of inspirational thoughts. These notes are for you! Leave a note, take a note, or even just read a note. These sayings are intended to provide you with some inspiration to help you get through the long days (and nights!) of classes and reading and studying. Take a moment to share your good thoughts with your classmates. Take a note to keep on your desk when it is late and you feel like you can’t read another case. Pass along a note to a colleague that needs a smile. Any way that helps keep you motivated and inspired.