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Hi. I’m Michael, a RWU Law Class of 2013 graduate. I’ve traveled all over, from summers spent hiking in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of New Mexico, to an archeological dig on the Island of Crete, Greece. I’m also a former small business owner. My background is varied, as is the direction...

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Nemo: A Blizzard in Pictures

Posted by Michael Rekola on 02/11/2013 at 04:52 PM

Over the weekend, us New Englanders got slammed by a storm named after a Disney cartoon character.  Although the weather service has stated that the Nemo was named for its Ancient Latin definition (“No one or No Man”), it afforded me the opportunity (or the pain, however you see it) to catch up on some of my classes like Federal Income Tax.  Although my house was luckily saved from various power outages and the freezing temperatures, I was snowed in with my law books, a package of Oreos, and our dog Monty.   Unfortunately many of my law school friends and fellow students were not so lucky and are still trying to get back to a normal Law School week.  Below are a few photos from the terrible storm with an equally terrible name.


The view down my street


My pup Monty playing in the snow


The snow banks on my street


The local Pub in my neighborhood which was snowed in


Grilled Cheese, warm tomato soup, and some fries-- comfort food to weather out the storm


Last but not least, my Fed Tax book