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Hi. I’m Michael, a RWU Law Class of 2013 graduate. I’ve traveled all over, from summers spent hiking in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of New Mexico, to an archeological dig on the Island of Crete, Greece. I’m also a former small business owner. My background is varied, as is the direction...

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No Easy Day

Posted by Michael Rekola on 09/25/2012 at 12:23 PM

So the first few weeks of my 3L year are in the books and, boy, does it seem like this semester is going to be a busy one. The motto for this semester can best be explained from the old Navy SEAL adage, "the only easy day was yesterday." Besides my commitments to my class schedule, the internship with RIDOT (which was just extended until I graduate!), and my regular responsibilities, I added a whole new set of obligations.

Last semester, I had the opportunity to apply for and was granted a position at RWU’s Immigration Clinic.  This prestigious opportunity will afford me the chance to practice in Federal Court before I graduate representing individuals seeking any number of actions from asylum applications, to adjustment of status, to visa extensions.  The Clinic is a unique experience that I feel privileged to be associated with because I have and will always feel that our country, these United States, offer the best opportunities for anyone seeking a new life or the chance for freedom.  The hours will be long, the road difficult, but if successful my prospective clients will be able to relish in their new lives and will have their own chance at the American Dream. Even if this semester’s motto is, "the only easy day was yesterday," the reward will guide me through.