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William Wray is a 3L at Roger Williams Law. He attended Georgetown University and Brown University for undergraduate, graduating in 2010 with a degree in Middle East Studies. Throughout high school and college he was involved in Mock Trial, which kindled his interest in litigation. At Brown he...

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Orientation 2010

Posted by William Wray on 09/07/2010 at 10:17 AM

Thanks to the professors, administrators, and personnel for their time and dedication in planning and flawlessly executing orientation, complete with a few local legal stars to kick things off.

Though (as a certain professor is wont to say) nothing can truly prepare "sloppy undergraduates" for the study of law, orientation provided the much-needed caveat "Hold your breath!' before we dove headfirst into classes. Without orientation the dive may well have been more of a belly flop.

We're also obliged to the weather for minimizing distractions, I suppose. While unseasonably chilly temperatures, pervading dampness and intermittent rain may not recommend themselves in ordinary circumstances, there's something to be said for gloomy weather when you're cracking open thousand-page legal tomes... No lingering thoughts of one last summer sail or languid beach outing to fend off. Perhaps the pathetic fallacy will hold and we won't have sunny weather again until next June, by which point we will have earned it.

More on classes, teachers, and readings next post.