Raquel Ortiz's Post

Practice Makes Perfect

Posted by Raquel Ortiz on 09/22/2014 at 10:12 AM

Attorneys maintain their knowledge of the law and legal practice skills through continuing legal education.

As 1Ls, law students begin to learn how to think and write like a lawyer, the foundations of the law, and basic legal research.  The library offers three instructional programs that supplement and augment first year legal research instruction, designed to help "practice make perfect" for legal research and office technology skills.

Our Appy Hour series returned in the week of September 8.  In this series, students learn about mobile and office technologies useful for law school and legal practice. Whether learning about "Powertips" for Office products or productivity tools, attendees will gain skills that will make them smart users of technology. This year's program also provides credit toward Prepare for Practice certification.

The Prepare for Practice certification program helps students practice legal research skills that can distinguish them from other candidates in the field.  Through a series of hands on classes along 8 tracks, students review first year concepts, learn other essential research skills, and discover basic and advanced productivity tools and techniques.  This year's Prepare for Practice certification program will launch Wednesday, September 24 with an information session and pizza lunch led by the librarians and 2014 recipients of the Certificate in Legal Research Skills for Practice.  

On October 23, join us for ResearchFest, a digital resources showcase for students and faculty to discover sources beyond what Lexis and Westlaw have to offer.  During ResearchFest, visit informally with our vendor guests who will show you how to use their products for legal research.  You may even grab a slice of pizza and see demos from the librarians on resources for law study, eBooks, and current awareness.

Take advantage of these and other learning opportunities that the library has to offer and suggest other topics by contacting Raquel Ortiz or Lucinda Harrison-Cox.